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Apprentice Training 

Apprentice Training is offered in two parts, Makeup Theory and Hands-On. Makeup Theory is a prerequisite to Hands-On and should be taken in order. Additional training is available on an optional basis, Business Theory, Set Etiquette, and Consumer, and does not have prerequisites. 


Makeup Theory

  • Demo Presentation: $500

    • Complete Beauty Makeup demonstration presented & narrated by a top Hollywood Professional Makeup Artist (at class location).

  • Basix Theory (Hands-On prerequisite): $2000  

    • Basic beauty corrective theory including common terminology, understanding facial shapes, simple color theory, correcting problem areas, application techniques, product types, work habits and ethics, handling clients, building a kit, care of tools, materials, products & accessories. 



  • Private (1 max): $150 per hour (student brings model)

  • Group (2 or 4 max): $125 per hour  (students work on each other)

    • Learning to apply a full beauty makeup on a live model, with professional techniques and practical use of tools, materials, products & accessories.  


Business Theory (optional): $500

  • Choosing your specialty, resume design, building a portfolio, getting work, trade magazines, trade shows, supply resources, and suggestions. 



Set Etiquette (optional): $500

  • How to break down a script, understand call sheets, rundowns & shoot schedules, keep continuity, organize your set bag, stand by on set, and interact with other departments in the entertainment industry. 

Consumer  (Group or Private): $75-100 per hour (client works on self)

  • Lesson for the individual who wants to improve their own skills for personal every day life and special occasions.


All sessions are a minimum of 2 hours. 


Information here may be outdated. Prices and terms subject to change; please inquire to confirm. 


Makeup Starter Kit

Makeup Starter Kit (or comparable*) is required to begin ‘hands-on’ training and may be purchased directly with us or through one of our professional beauty supply store partners. All items are at a special discounted rate. Inquire for further details & pricing.

Makeup Starter Kit:
Includes Brush Set, Makeup, Tools, Products, & Accessories.


Brush Set:

  •  Set of 12 Professional Makeup Brushes. 




  •  Foundation, Concealor, Correctors, Powder, Contour, Blush, Eyeshadows, Brow Pencil, Eyeliner, Mascara, Lip Pencil, Lipstick, & Lip Gloss. 



Tools & Products:

  •  Deluxe Sponge, Professional Puff, Tissue, Setup Towel, Mixing Palette, Mixing Spatula, Sharpener, Hand Sanitizer, Breath Spray, Face Lotion, Lip Conditioner, Water Spray, Brush Cleaner & Hand Mirror.  




  •  Professional Makeup Case.

  • Medium Tote Bag. 


 *For consistency in training, certain items are essential. 


Seminar & Workbook:

  • Not Available at this time. 


 Kit prices are determined by product availability and materials may vary.   

 Kit consultation fee may apply.   

 California sales tax will be added to all kit sales. 

 Shipping & handling may be added to kit orders. 

 Allow 2-3 weeks for all kit items to arrive. 

 Kit items are non-returnable, non-refundable. 


 Information here may be outdated. Prices and terms subject to change; please inquire to confirm. 

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