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If you’re considering becoming a professional makeup artist but don’t know where to begin, Makeup Basix is for you! 

There are so many things to know when embarking on a career in makeup, things you should find out early in order to get the appropriate training and direction to make a pleasurable and successful transition into makeup artistry. 

I am pleased to give you an opportunity to do just that. With all my years of experience, I would like to share with you the essentials you need to consider and learn to become a successful professional makeup artist, one that will stand apart from the rest!

What's New.

Makeup Basix is back and better than ever! 

To provide continued excellent service, Makeup Basix has undergone restructuring of our company. We now offer Apprentice Training in private or group sessions! 

For further information about Makeup Basix Apprentice Training and Starter Kits skip to our Products &  Services!

Check out our new Blog for reviews of new products, old favorites, and special techniques! 

Our Method.

Makeup Basix methods have been tried and proven true through our Seminars and Workbook, with tremendous positive results and feedback from professionals and former students. 

Now Makeup Basix has refined certain aspects of our seminar method to introduce Apprentice Training. This new "tutoring" format allows superior one-on-one attention with instructors and improved focus during hands-on practice. It also allows students to move forward with their education at their own pace and within their financial resources. 

Students can purchase Makeup Starter Kit* items directly from Makeup Basix, or through one of our professional beauty supply store partners at a special discounted rate.

*For consistency in training, certain items are essential.

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